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Autoclave - The Most Important Equipment of  Food & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Testing Industries


Whether you are Studying in Science College or School, Working at Engineering Pharmaceutical Food, Metal Rubber Oils, Petrochemical, Chemicals, Laboratory, We had Definitely Came across and are Aware of the Globally Spoken Term "Autoclave".

Autoclaves are the Most Important Equipment in Laboratories, R&D Centers, Contract research Organisation, Private Testing Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Processing Sampling And Testing Process, Metal Physical Properties Testing, etc and Numerous Industries Including Wide Range of Applications. 

Autoclaves are the Chambers working on the Steam, Temperature, & Pressure Applied For Accurate Amount of Time. Autoclaves Were Used for Sterilizing Medical Equipment, Laboratory Instrument, Surgical Instrument, Plasticware, Labware, Glassware, etc, within Varied Amount of Time. Autoclave Works on the Principle of Sterilization. The Process of Sterilization is Meant to performed in Autoclave for Killing of Microorganisms & Spores present on the surface of Equipment, Instrument, Glassware, Labware, Plasticware, Etc and Many other Products after which the Product can Be reused for the research and Other Scientific Testing Process with New Chemical, Solvent, Semi Solid Agar, Culture Media, Liquid Medium, Etc.
Autoclaves were Most Useful for Large Hospitals and Scientific Organisation in the Form of Horizontal Autoclave Which Especially Being Used in the (CSSD) Central Sterile Service Department, Where the Microwave Oven, Dental Autoclave were Sterilized for Their Simultaneous Use. In Fertilizers Manufacturing Industries it was Used to Test Different Media.


With the Increase in Temperature and Pressure for Sterilization and the Product Being Autoclaved The Time Utilized for the Same Process Decreases. The More amount of Temperature Applied With Higher Amount of Pressure the Normal Atomospheric Pressure, the Lesser Amount of the Time Required for Sterilization.
To Buy a Better Autoclave We Had Found the Online Ecommerce Marketplace Known as as Well as Virtbiotech Where you can Check with the Complete Details of Autoclave, its Types such as Portable Autoclave, Vertical Autoclave, Fully Automatic Autoclave.


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How Important Are Laboratory Equipment For Our Research Lab

How Important Are Laboratory Equipment For Our Research Lab

Ever Wondered How Laboratory Testing Were Carried Out ? On Which Base Do We Trust the Analysed Results Printed in Files. The Answer to this is Because of the Laboratory Equipment Such As Autoclave, Laboratory Incubator, Hot Air Oven, Muffle Furnace, Laboratory Centrifuges, Micro-centrifuge, Stability Chamber, Walkin Stability Chamber, Walkin Cold Room, Tray Dryer, Drying Oven, Photostability Chamber, Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinet, Laboratory Refrigerator, Deep Freezers Humidity Chamber, Water Purification System, Chemicals, Glassware, Labware, Laboratory Furniture, And Last But not the least Suitable Working Conditions, Etc. 

An Hardworking, Smart, & Analytical Professional Scientist or Researcher Such as Junior Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow Research Scientist, PhD Scholar Scientist, Post Graduate Biochemist, Microbiologist, Bio-technologist, Marine Biologist, HPLC / GC Research Analytical Chemist, Quality Control Chemist in Organic Inorganic Chemical Synthesis Industries, Quality Assurance Professionals & Pharmaceuticals Industries, Product Testing Specialist Scientist in Contract Research Organisation are the one Who Were Responsible for  Running an Equipped Laboratory in a Better Way. After Following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Executing the Experiments in a Correct Manner Within the Standard Time of Whole Day, Week, Or Even a Month Sometimes, You as the Owner or Senior Management Person Will Be Handed Over the Accurate Results of the Given Samples or Solutions. This Results Were Very Important for The Pharmaceutical Companies to get USFDA Approvals to Export the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Medicines Product to US market and to keep a Strict Regular Check of This Testing & Calibration Results through their Regulatory Affairs Team.


So The Major Role Played in the Whole Process were by the Well Equipped Laboratory Equipment Which Were Manufactured Keeping in Mind the Ability of any Equipment Accuracy of Results of any Samples Required for Working with SOP should Delivers 99.99% Expected Results. This Laboratory Equipment Were Tested Thoroughly by our Renowned Team of Engineers who Eagerly Work towards The Maintaining the Constant Temperature, Eliminating over heating or Over Cooling, Auto Power Cut offs in case of Dangerous or Hazardous Conditions. The Construction and Design 
was a Significant Parameter for a Prolonged Shelf Life of any Equipment to Sustained for a Long Time.

Our Engineers Consistently Works Towards Delivering the Best Quality Material Stainless Steel  SS304 Grade, with Glass Wool Insulation for Avoiding Electrical Product Keeping in Mind the Various Types of Chemicals, Oils, Rubber, Metals and Food, Lubricant, Adhesives, Polymers, and Pharmaceutical Testing to be Performed Consistently for a longer time in the Compatible Conditions. 
The World was Inclined towards Digital Trend and so We Work towards Designing our renowned Models of laboratory Equipment with Digital Display for Easily Monitoring the process Value & Set Value of Required temperature, Temperature Sensor for Auto Cut off While over Heating & pressure Auto Release Valves, With Digital Timer. Virtbiotech Lab Equipment were Designed with Micro-processor based Auto Tune P.I.D Digital Temperature Controller with PT 100 sensor & Resolution 0.1°C. Talking about the Heating Element we Offer (ISI Approved) Specially Designed heaters made of special grade chrome plated Nichrome wire.

Virtbiotech Designed Laboratory Equipment were Available in Standard & GMP Type Model With Customization facility Available. For More Details About Our Product Segment Please Visit our Website:

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Is Your Laboratory Stability Chamber Generates Accurate Results

We Will Initiate With Introducing One Of Our Finest Laboratory Equipment Named Virtbiotech Stability Chamber Model Range VBTSC Known For Delivering Extremely Accurate Results In Case Of Various Scientific Testing Of Pharmaceutical Drug Life, Food Ingredients, Oil, Biochemical Analysis, Environmental Pollution Treatment, Under Different Climate Condition, Humidity Test, Etc
Our Stability Chamber Meet Its Requirement As Per ICH Guidelines 
25°C - 60% RH
40°C - 75% RH
30°C - 65% RH
25°C - 40% RH
40°C - 25% RH 
30°C - 35% RH
The Virtbiotech Stability Chamber Was Engineered And Designed Keeping In Mind The Aspect Of Numerous Application, Fabulous Looks, Long Term Working, Advance Software Accessories & Many More Features Which Will Help Our Precious Clients Customers & End Users To Choose Us As Their Laboratory Equipment Partner To Deliver A Great Product Including Every Single Feature Required To Proceed With Reliability And Hassle Free Scientific Material Testing.

The Standard Exterior Was Well Designed & Constructed With Mild Steel Powder Coated Material Double Wall To Furnish More Protection, Whereas The Inner Chamber Was Engineered With Stainless Steel SS304, In Case Of GMP Model SS316 Material Is Used To Designed The Inner Chamber Followed By SS304 Used On Outer Chamber. Taking An Inside Look, The Chamber Was Well Equipped With  Fluorescent Light & Door Switch To Illuminate The Chamber For Clear Visibility Of Material Across The Acrylic Door. The Shelves Trays Were Constructed With Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Made Up Of Stainless Steel Followed By Castor Wheel Fitted At The Bottom Of Chamber For Easy Mobility With Minimum Weight Bearing Of 50Kgs.

The Double Door Of Stability Chamber Was Designed To Strongly Control The Temperature.The Outer Door Was Constructed With Metal Whereas The Inner Door Door Was Built By Acrylic Material. Our Temperature Range From 10.0°C To 60.0°C Which Covers The Basic Range Require Any Type Of Stability Testing With The Uniformity Of  ±0.1°C / ± 1°C, Whereas The Humidity Ranges From 25% To 95% RH With Its Uniformity Of  ± 2% RH / ± 3% RH. 

Well An Ergonomic Design Of Virtbiotech Stability Chamber Was Known By Its Digital LED 3.5 Digit,  Microprocessor Based PID Control Auto Tune, PT - 100 Temperature Sensor, Direct Capacitance Type  RH Sensor,  'U' Shaped Tubular Heater In Stainless Steel For Heating, Etc. In Addition To This, The Optional Accessories Includes Micro PLC Based Control & Recording System For Reach In Stability Testing Chamber With In - Built Recording, PC Interface With 21 CFR Software, DOT - Matrix Printer Interface. 
CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance Software For PLC With Rs. 485 Or Ethernet Communication 
Data Logger For Rs. 485 Communication System With PC Connectivity
4, 8 And 12 Channel Data Scanner Complete With Sensor RH And PT-100 Sensor
R.H. Imported Sensor For 100 % RH Readings
Standby Refrigeration Systems As Per Capacity
PLC For Auto Change Over For Standby Refrigeration
SMS Mobile Alert System
Door Access Security System
Safety Digital Temperature Controller 
Timer & Recommended Stabilizer
Heading To The Cooling Attributes, Virtbiotech Stability Chamber Was Equipped With  CFC Free Copeland Make Compressor Utilizing R-134A Eco-Friendly Refrigerant, With Condenser, Motor And Relay Or As Per The Requirement Of Customer For Higher Accuracy. 

Basically The Role Of Steam Injection Is To Reduces The Peak Temperature In The Chamber And Elevates The Output Power By Increasing The Mass Flow Through The Turbine. Similarly,Virtbiotech Stability Chamber Steam Injection Is Available In The Form Of Boiler With Reservoir Made Of Thick Stainless Steel, With Heater, Water Inlet Control, Low Water Level Safeguard, Followed By The Air Circulation Which Was Designed In The Form Of Cooling Type Fan With Impeller / Blower And Flange Type Motor. 

The Pre-Installation Requirement Comprises Of Following Features Essential For Working : 
 1. Distilled Water/ DM Water Continuous Supply With Tap For Boiler Input Of % "BSP At 3 Feet  Height.
 2. Water Drain Line With 1/2" Nozzle To Be Provided At floor Level. 
 3. Room Temperature Around Machine Preferably At 25°C With Air Conditioning Or A Well Ventilated Room With Exhaust Fan. However, Surrounding Temperature Should Not Exceed 30°C. 
 4. Stabilized Input Voltage Of 230V A.C Amps. Use Of Servo Controlled Stabilizer Is Recommended.  

The Safety Features Of Stability Chamber Includes :
• High Temperature Safety Cut Off 
• Low Water Level Boiler Cut Off 
• Electrical Overload Cutoff Relay For Compressor 
• Time Delay For Compressor Switch ON 
• Electrical Circuit Breaker

The Virtbiotech Stability Chamber Available With Calibration Certificate.

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